The Toys & Games Scenario: What We Can Learn

The Toys & Games Scenario: What We Can Learn:
Are the regular Toys & Games facing a severe threat from Internet and multimedia games? Let us dwell into this issue and find out more about this.

The newest in the realm of Toys & Games are multimedia games that offer multiple options. There are newer kinds of multimedia games introduced now and then; hence the variety available is vast, and so it suits varied preferences. Apart from multimedia games, the Internet is also fast substituting the regular toys & games.

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Thus, the popularity of the regular Toys & Games is threatened as the Internet, and multimedia games are gradually but steadily emerging as a favorite medium of entertainment for kids of the new generation. The kids in the age group of 8-13 seem to prefer Internet and multimedia games in comparison to the usual toys and games available.

Moreover, it is alarming to note that this trend is gaining pace steadily because computers are becoming commonplace in the modern homes of today.

However, Mr. Burjiz Mukerji from Mukerji Exports feels that this is a short-lived trend and since using the computer for long hours is strenuous, he thinks that ultimately the regular toys and games will be the favored choice of the tiny tots. Besides, that in the end the regular toys and games will appeal to the children because of the strain-free entertainment that they provide.

This threat is to a certainty extent balanced by the upcoming positive trend of many toys & games companies venturing into the educational toys & games bandwagon. Many companies are following this trend, and that is a boon for the little ones as they can learn as they play thus providing the kids with education as well as entertainment. The multimedia companies are also not far behind in keeping up this trend and companies like Times Multimedia have introduced many games with educational value.
Thus, we can conclude that the regular toys & games are facing healthy competition from the multimedia games and Internet and that in the course of time, even if computers become commonplace, the regular toys and games will be in healthy co-existence with Internet and multimedia games.

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